Molecular ORphan PHEnOtype MatchEr

Please describe the data. Is it gene expression, genetic screen, or post-translational modification, GWAS, subcellular localization data? What species? Tissue? Treatment?

We need your email address to both give you and your team's credit for the data or to determine who should get credit for the data you upload. If you want to give multiple emails, please separate them with a comma.

The goal of MORPHEOME is to generate community-driven research papers. MORPHEOME will alert those who upload data when three (3) pieces of unpublished data exists on a top-cited/orphan gene pair. This will present these people the possibility to collaborate on the gene pair to produce a paper.

Only one file can be uploaded at a time. The data should have one column of significant genes. It can contain a header or not. The file can be an Excel file or a csv, tsv, or txt file. The list must contain a minimum of 50 genes to be considered.